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Events: 2019

DOMPÉ FARMACEUTICI relies on Materias

12.18.2019 - Naples

Early stage and discovery projects. The multinational DOMPÈ FARMACEUTICI enters the capital of Materias. Sergio Dompé's holding relies on our innovative startup to identify and develop new technologies to bring to the market.
Best wishes to all of us for this new beginning!

Materias participates in the 3rd Open Day of Opera2030

12.16.2019 - Naples

This morning Materias participated in the 3rd Open Day of Opera2030, a day of work created to give space to activism and best practices aimed at relaunching the South and the Mediterranean.
Our researcher Selene De Martino spoke about medical science with Alfonso Pecoraro Scanio (President of the UniVerde Foundation and promoter of the initiative), the councilor of the Campania Region Chiara Marciani, Professor Enrica Ammaturo (President of the Italian Association of Sociology and Professor at the University of the Studies of Naples "Federico II") and other distinguish speakers.

Materias starts an intensive acceleration program at Eilat Hub

12.11.2019 - Israel

From 8 January 2020 and for three months our researcher Fabrizio Errichiello will be the guest of Eilat Tech Center in Tel Aviv for an intensive acceleration program aimed at speeding up the development of the technology of gradient expanded systems and identifying the best marketing strategies.
Eilat Hub was born from a strategic alliance with Champion Capital Group LLC, a company located in the USA, with the aim of developing and investing in innovative technologies.
The initiative was made possible thanks to the call for funding the mobility of Italian start-ups in Israel (SCI01-19), launched by the Embassy of Italy in Israel on the basis of the Italian-Israeli agreement for industrial, scientific cooperation and technological. A magnificent experience of internationalization, born with the mission together with the Campania Region Valeria Fascione and ICE last March and which will allow Materias to deal with Israeli investors and innovation experts.

Research for the sustainable evolution of packaging

12.05.2019 - Caserta

Bio-based products, recyclable and compostable, instead of plastic packaging. The world of research that revolves around large companies is working to make the future of sectors in full expansion sustainable that now need a green turn. Among these is that of the buffalo mozzarella from Campania, which hosted a lectio on research and sustainability by our president Luigi Nicolais last night.
Over the years, Materias has created an innovation ecosystem to enhance the excellence of research and develop new products for the market from intelligent materials. This ferment fully crosses the sustainable evolution that Italian companies are putting in place to improve their competitiveness compared to foreign competitors.
Yesterday evening with the president of the Consortium for the Protection of the Mozzarella di bufala Campana POD, Domenico Raimondo, and the director of the Royal Palace of Caserta, Tiziana Maffei, we discussed all these aspects that have become essential for the development of a sector that can count on a subject first unique and inimitable.

Research with no boundaries. Nicolais welcomes the astronaut Samantha Cristoforetti

12.05.2019 - Naples

Our president Luigi Nicolais, as coordinator of the Scientific Committee of Città della Scienza, welcomed the astronaut Samantha Cristoforetti at the NONSOLOMEDICINA conference, at the University Hospital Federico II - Communication Area of Naples. Research has no boundaries.

Corporate storytelling at the Assolombarda headquarters “The MATERIAS story - ideas come to life”

12.04.2019 - Milan

Presented in Milan by Valentina Battista at the Assolombarda headquarters in the presence of Giovanni Rana, the corporate story-telling project "The MATERIAS story - ideas come to life", developed as part of the IULM Executive Master in Corporate Public Relations.
The project work tells a reticular model of research and knowledge, through an integrated strategic communication approach, fundamental to demonstrate how culture can be considered the fourth asset of sustainable development. Telling his genesis is a social responsibility because the story of its founder Luigi Nicolais is not the perfect execution of a soloist but the intertwining of narratives that gave birth to a choral life project, the Materias ecosystem.

Materias is in Beijing with his Innovation Manager Aniello Cammarano for the China-Italy Innovation Week 2019

11.25.2019 - Beijing

A packed program of events, work sessions and networking activities that will allow our startup to convey its know-how abroad and contact new investors especially in the field of food health.
At the debate on "Modern Agriculture and Food Health" we presented a focus entitled "Antimicrobial peptides to improve human health and food safety". Materias also participated in the afternoon Roadshow of China-italy innovation Entrepreneurship.
Thanks to the commissioner with responsibility for Startups, Innovation and Internationalization of the Campania Region Valeria Fascione for offering us the opportunity to be present here in Beijing and to the promoters of the City of Science and BAST (Beijing association for science and technology) initiative.

The CEO of Materias Caterina Meglio in Benevento for "Smart communities and territories" (Agriculture 4.0, Culture and Tourism 4.0)

11.22.2019 - Benevento

Innovation and culture for a new sustainable economy. An intriguing theme, which saw us protagonists today with the CEO of Materias, Meglio Caterina, in Benevento, as part of the initiative "Smart communities and territories" (Agriculture 4.0, Culture and Tourism 4.0) at the Samnite Chamber of Commerce.
The goal of our startup is to create a strong engagement with the national territory, encourage and enhance research by providing young people, through the most cutting-edge tools, with a concrete opportunity in their homeland, the opportunity to be "Faber men" of change.

Materias meets met GITA (Georgian Agency for Innovation and Technology)

11.14.2019 - Naples

Developing knowledge, fostering the internationalization of knowledge, opening up more and more to foreign markets, is one of Materias' strategic objectives.
That's why today we met GITA (Georgian Agency for Innovation and Technology) with which an internship program is underway, coordinated by Cotec Italia which brought two Young Innovators from Georgia to Naples for a post-graduate internship as guests Materias and Campania NewSteel.
A collaboration that was born last April at the Italian Embassy in Tbilisi, on the occasion of the prize for young innovators promoted by the COTEC Italia Foundation and the Georgian Agency.
Present with us in the Technological Pole of San Giovanni a Teduccio, Avtandil Kasradze, Chairman of GITA, together with the Project Manager and the General Manager of Campania New Steel Simona Trucillo and Mariangela Contursi.

Canadian meeting with the top management of CCM (Canada Cycle & Motor Co. Ltd)

11.07.2019 - Canada

The Canadian mission of Materias continues.
With the top management of CCM (Canada Cycle & Motor Co. Ltd), a world leader in the production of protections for athletes, today the President Luigi Nicolais and the project manager Aniello Cammarano discussed our porosity gradient foams and antibacterial fabrics.
A meeting made possible by the technical support of the Ministère de l'Économie et de l'Innovation of Québec and by the Campania Region which has favored the activities of Materias, as part of the internationalization projects directed to SMEs (POR FESR 2014.2020) in Canada.

Materias at the Networking of startup ecosystem

11.06.2019 - Naples

Materias protagonist of the November meeting of "Companies in the coffee", an event by Campania NewSteel. Maria Emilia Mercurio presented our model of development of innovative technologies on advanced materials.

Canadian Mission for Materias

11.05.2019 - Canada

Canadian Mission for Materias.
Thanks to the organization of the Ministère de l'Économie et de l'Innovation del Québec and to the funds made available by the Campania Region as part of the internationalization projects for SMEs (ERDF 2014.2020, POR Campania, Objective 3.4 - Action 3.4.2), our delegation is today in Montreal to meet cutting-edge companies in the field of advanced materials such as CCM, Sollio Agriculture, Sym-Tech, PremierTech, Novailt.
The topics discussed were antimicrobial peptide, food safety and food preservation.

Professor Nicolais in Washington for the meeting promoted by the Sbarro Health Research Organization

11.02.2019 - Washington

Medicine, media and treatment experiences in oncology. Professor Luigi Nicolais is today in Washington called to offer a testimony regarding the new frontiers of scientific research in the field of health.
The meeting took place at the Omni Shoreham Hotel and was promoted by the Sbarro Health Research Organization. To close the study day, the annual award dedicated to the memory of Professor Giovan Giacomo Giordano.

The Materias model at the 27th annual World Forum on advanced materials, Polychar27

10.17.2019 - Naples

This morning our president Luigi Nicolais presented on the final day of the 27th annual World Forum on advanced materials, Polychar27, the Materias model and strategies for linking the world of research with that of industry.
The Forum was held in Naples at the Congress Center of the "Federico II" University and is hosted by the Institute for polymers, composites and biomaterials of the National Research Council (IPCB) and by the Department of Chemical Engineering, Materials and of the industrial production of the Federician University.

Prime Minister Conte visits the Altergon factory with Materias and IBSA Italy

10.14.2019 - Morra de Sanctis

Visit to the Altergon factory in Morra De Sanctis.
Our President Professor Luigi Nicolais with Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte, visiting the center of excellence that collaborates with Materias and our industrial partner IBSA Italy.

Materias at the II level Master in Healthcare Management and clinical governance, promoted by Unisannio in collaboration with the "San Pio" Hospital and EIT Health "Smart-up lab 2019"

10.04.2019 - Benevento

This morning Materias is in Benevento with Aniello Cammarano to tell the startup experience in the biomedical sector. This is discussed in the context of the activities of the II level Master in Healthcare Management and clinical governance, promoted by Unisannio in collaboration with the "San Pio" Hospital and EIT Health "Smart-up lab 2019".
The seminar was held at the Department of Law, Economics, Management and Qualitative Methods (DEMM) of the University of Sannio.
Together with Materias, the Campania Newsteel model, the business incubator of Città della Scienza, was presented by Simona Trucillo, and the spin-off of the University of Sannio Often Medical Srl by Professor Antonello Cutolo, aimed at the production of a new device to eliminate all the critical issues and errors currently present in the use of epidural anesthesia.

The model and experience of Materias at LeBiotec2019

10.03.2019 - Lecce

Materias has been in Lecce with Aniello Cammarano for LeBiotec2019.
The model and experience of our startup in the field of enhancing research at the Unisalento Biotechnology event, an initiative of the European Biotech Week with the Italian coordination of Assobiotec.
This was discussed with Professor Christian Demitri, the deputy mayor of Lecce, Alessandro Delli Noci, and prestigious academic and research operators such as Dhitec, Cbn-IIT, CNR-Nanotec, CNR-Ifc, Dream-Unisalento, Alylam Italia, University of Siena, CNR-Imm and with DiSteBA students.

Quebec as a gateway to the North American market

09.23.2019 - Naples Maritime Station, Naples

The experience in Montréal of Materias at the center of the conference at the Maritime Station of Naples on Quebéc as the gateway to the North American market. CEO Caterina Meglio explained the reasons for Materias' opening of an operating office in Canada.

Materias in London to reward the young Italian researcher in UK

09.16.2019 - Italian Embassy London

This evening Materias is in London with the CEO Caterina Meglio and the project manager Aniello Cammarano to reward, in the context of the fifth edition of "Italy Made Me", the young Italian researcher Gianluca Cidonio, engaged in the project "Development of a clay based bioink for 3D cell printing for skeletal application ”at the University of Southampton Medical School.

Materias meets the top management of Montréal International

07.10.2019 - Montréal, Canada

New stop for Materias in Québec. Our CEO Caterina Meglio met with the top management of Montréal International yesterday, an economic development agency that encourages investment in the largest city in the Canadian province. Yes, innovative technologies are discussed in the health science and agrifood sectors. The Director of Projects for Europe Philippe Valentine and the Director of Life Sciences & Health Technologies Christelle Fasano were present for Montréal International.

The new Materias headquarters in Montréal inaugurated

07.06.2019 - Québec

The new Materias headquarters in Montreal inaugurated. Our representative office in Québec, Canada will be active in 6050 boul. Des Grandes Prairies, Saint-Léonard.

Scouting and meetings for Materias with the Filarete UniMi Foundation

06.28.2019 - Milan

A morning of scouting and meetings for Materias with the Filarete UniMi Foundation, hub for technology transfer and the creation of innovative startups of the University of Milan. Today, in the ALFA classroom of the Computer Science Department in via Celoria in Milan, our President Luigi Nicolais attended the presentation of 7 innovative ideas.

XIII COTEC Europe Symposium "PA 4.0: Rethinking the Public Administration for a Digital World"

05.07.2019 – Naples

In the illustrious setting of the San Carlo Theatre in Naples has been held the 13th COTEC Europe Symposium, the annual institutional meeting between the COTEC Foundations for Innovation of Italy, Portugal and Spain. Organized by the COTECs of Italy, Portugal and Spain, it was held in the presence of the Heads of State of the three countries, the King of Spain, Felipe VI, the President of Portugal, Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa, the President of the Italian Republic, Sergio Mattarella, as Honorary Presidents of the three COTECs. This year's central theme is the evolution of the role and strategic structure of the Public Administration in the light of the introduction and diffusion of new digital technologies. More than 600 business and research leaders and representatives of the institutions of the three countries met to outline common actions on the themes of innovation policy and activate specific initiatives for collaboration. The event was organized with the support of: Eni, Intesa Sanpaolo, Leonardo, Poste Italiane, TIM and UniCredit in collaboration with Agi Agenzia Italia, Enel Foundation, Regione Campania and Sviluppo Campania.

“The new challenges of research valorization: the Materias model”

04.05.2019 – Portici

the Materias model
At the National Railway Museum of Pietrarsa, as part of the fourth edition of Innovation Village, the workshop has deepened with operators and actuators of innovation and through success stories, the scenarios, challenges and distinctive features of the innovative model of Materias that helps researchers to connect with industry. Among those present at the meeting: Valeria Fascione, Councillor for Startups, Innovation and Internationalization of the Campania Region; Luigi Nicolais, President of Materias s.r.l. and Professor Emeritus of the Polytechnic School of the University of Naples Federico II; Giorgio Ventre, Director of the Department of Electrical Engineering and Information Technologies - University of Naples Federico II and of the iOS Apple Academy.


03.14.2019 - Milan

Etesias, the first startup of Materias at Made Expo in Milan, a platform for companies, architects, engineers, designers, construction companies, and retailers operating in the field of architecture, construction, design.


03.13.2019 - Trento

Life Sciences: from technology transfer to startup.
Materias among the protagonists of "Life Sciences: from technology transfer to startup", a meeting organized by Bio4Dreams for in-depth analysis and comparison between representatives of the world of institutions and scientific research, industry, innovation centers and venture capitalists. The meeting was held at the Museum Muse, in Trento.

Italian Business Delegation to Israel | Hi-Tech Industries Innovation Tech Transfer

03.03-06.2019 - Israel

Materias among the companies participating in "Italian Business Delegation to Israel | Hi-Tech Industries Innovation Tech Transfer", a comparison event between Italian start-ups and hitech companies in Israel.

Etesias is born

01.18.2019 - Naples

The first startup of Materias is born. It's called Etesias and deals with 3D Print for the cement. The technology revolutionizes the classic approach of the production of prefabricated reinforced concrete, allowing greater versatility and ease in the implementation of complex operations, reduction of environmental impact and cost optimization. Ideas become reality. #ideascometolife #advancedmaterials


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